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The first solo CD by Antonio Poves has been recorded and released by “Erase una vez…”. The title of the CD is “Rota Mundi” or “the wheel of the world”. The CD features a selection of songs with material from the 12th century to the 21st, reworked both to contribute to and offer a new vision of Medieval, Baroque and traditional music.

Its main aim is to highlight sounds and instruments that might have been forgotten, showcasing the “organistrum” and the hurdy-gurdy.

Despite using modern instruments, the intention has been to respect original lay and religious compositions, which are supplemented here by three original compositions and an arrangement of a traditional song all copyrighted by the author, (tracks 5, 8, 10, and 11).


The musicians who have participated in this recording are:

Antonio Poves: organistrum (reproduction of the triptych from the Monasterio de Piedra of Zaragoza, now to be found in the Royal Academy of History, Madrid); organistrum (reproduction from Portico de San Miguel de Estella, Navarra); bells, guitar, hurdy-gurdy, and nykelharp.

Manuel Waldesco Balaguer-Cortes: initial reading; low whistle in E flat; whistles in B flat and C; soprano recorder; bull horn, Jew’s (or mouth) harp and tambourine.

Zulaima Boheto: violoncello; vocals.

Celia Carballo: vocals.

Miguel Paladín: programming and keyboards.

Antonio Gil: timpani and percussion.

And the special participation of:

Carlos Gamón: darbuka (on tracks 2 and 5).

Javier Aparicio: recorder (on track 4).

Luis Miguel Escalona: hurdy-gurdy in D (on track 3).

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The tracks are the following: ( 40 seconds of each track can be heard, at a lower quality through windows media).

1. DUM PATER FAMILIAS. Códice Calixtino. Siglo XII.
2. COMO PODEN PER SAS CULPAS. Cantiga nº. 166 de Alfonso X "EL SABIO". Siglo XIII.
3. LE BRANLE DEX CHEVAUX. Arbeau, siglo XVI.
4. DUCTIA I. Anónimo, siglo XII.
5. OKSANA. Antonio Poves, 1999.
6. BOURÉE. J. s. Bach, siglo XVIII.
7. FILLI ET FILIAE. Anónimo, siglo XIV.
8. LAETITIAM AGITARE. Antonio Poves, 1999.
9. BRANSLE COMUN 8 y 9. Anónimo, siglo XVIII.
10. DANCE "PALOTEAO DE LONGARES". Tradicional, Antonio Poves.
11. RONDA CORTESANA 18. Antonio Poves, 1999.
13. DANZA DEL OSO. Anónimo.

The moment state of the record of Antonio Poves:
2002 “Rota Mundi”.
2005 “Los amantes de Teruel” (“The lovers of Teruel”)

If you want you can take three songs from CD “Lovers of Teruel”, here there are:
Dum Pater Familias” mp3
“El oso”, mp3
“Paloteao de Longares” mp3. (Longares is an small village from 38 km south from of Zaragoza)

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